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fusion is its musical concept.
It combines rhythms with jazz in a Caribbean key.
This is an island perception under the prism of three wonderful islands.
(Cuba, Guadeloupe and Mallorca)

This musical concept was created in Mallorca.

With Latin language, with musical influences from zouk, son, calypso, salsa, cha and bolero, merging the joy of Afro-Antillean-Caribbean rhythm with its voice coming from Guadeloupe to finally unite with the harmonic structures and improvisations contemplated in both jazz as in the Cuban tradition.


AWA has a spiritual and ancestral African dimension that connects us directly with the continent. The etymological meaning of the word in Wolof is “Eve” corresponds, according to the biblical story of Adam and Eve, to the first woman of humanity.

It also coincides with the sound of the word Agua in Spanish.

AWA is synonymous of hope.

Just as Africa, AWA is also the origin of life and humanity.

It carries a spiritual dimension as a philosophy.

Makama Nye is the name of a pregnant African Goddess of our common planet earth.

Guerrero is her human father, he is the one who makes her mortal.

AWA represents hope born in the Sahara.

AWA is the unifying daughter of the African continent, it is the water that brings life to the Sahara continent.


AWA PROJECT aliment itself by multiple collaborations.

Its essence is the search for fusion without borders along with a voluntarily nomadic journey.

AWA, daughter of a wanderer as a father who moves around the world, follows the tradition of sharing, spreading his musical and cultural heritage at every step of the est, while enjoying and being enriched by every gift received merging with others

AWA is Water, and as such,
she never stays stagnant or static.

She is inhabited by currents that circulate from within to the other.

As a mountain stream, sheis born in solitude and dies,
merging into the wide sea of sound …


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