Born in Cuba on the 17th of December 1954.

He had no doubt about his future destiny as a musician.

Following his instinct, he formalizes his learning in an unorthodox manner, at the same time as he gets ready for military service.
In the course of three years he is soldier and musician at a time, between the two consecutive wars of Angola and Ethiopia.

When he returns to Cuba after 5 years, he goes from apprentice to tuba soloist being a member of the General Staff Band.

He is still enlisted for 12 more years in the army in the military music unit.

He has dedicated himself to a musical career with two strong links between classical music and popular Cuban music.

Which takes him to the point of being able to participate on a regular basis for a number of years in a program called “Fiesta Guajira” on Radio Progreso, one of the two most important radio stations in the country with 60 years of existence, being part of the live programming.
Simultaneously he makes television appearances in a program called “Palma y Cañas“, collaborating with the most famous components of Cuban peasant music.

With members of the Buenas Vistas Social Club such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Segundo, Rubén González to name a few.

He is a complete musician in the Cuban tradition playing tuba, euphonium, trombone, contrabass and bongo. He is also a vocalist.

He began to travel out of Cuba with different formations and groups throughout the world. His experience is extensive, from Cuba to Angola, Ethiopia, Germany, Spain and through the United States.


– Singer of the Agrupación Ya Cuba | Far Festival. Cuba 1972-73

– Bassist of the Agrupación Conjunto Tropicana | Cabaret Alibar. Cuba 1974-75

– Coordinator, bassist, singer of the Carramara group | Angola 1975-76

– Coordination of the 1st Cuban Music and Dance Festival | Casting and training of artists and groups. Ethiopia 1977-79

– Euphonium band of the General Staff | Cuba 1980-84

– Conjunto Yumurí | Cuba 1984

– Conjunto de Tambores Bejucal | Cuba 1985

– Silver Star Orchestra | Cuba 1985

– Maravillas de Florida Orchestra | Cuba 1985

– Tuba from the Provincial concert band of Havana | Cuba 1985-2007

– Sexteto Soneando | Cuba 1995-96

– Conjunto Los Sonoros | Cuba 1997-2002 for Radio Progreso. “Fiesta Guarija” program. Cuban Television Program “Palmas y Cañas”.

– Habanekue | Cuba 1998

– Costa Freda and his band | Jamaica 1999

– Sonora combination of Havana | United States 2001

-Son del Caribe | Tour of Germany and Spain 2003-07

El Iyá | Mallorca 2007-08

– Fruto de Manga | Mallorca 2007-2009

– Wa.Kuol.Diop | Mallorca 2008-18

Awa Project | Mallorca 2008-18

Only You | Mallorca 2014-18